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Yeah, I've left updating this for far too long. Honestly, I was waiting to post a link to Quick Quest when it was released, but it still hasn't been. I swear though, I've been trying hard to get it released. Me and the musician have been waiting with increasing impatience for the bug fixes to come through. I've had to mail the programmer multiple times with mixed success at getting a response at all never mind everything fixed up.

Anyway, time for an update on my other projects to get away from the sour topic of Quick Quest.

Oh boy, where do I begin? We have most of the voice acting in the game, the music is mostly finished too, the game functions very well and the only things left to do that haven't already been mentioned is streamlining it as it's meant to be played and polishing a few things. Very happy with what's been happening with it. There won't be much work on it this week due to uni commitments, but we're definitely around the 95% completion least, before testing :P

Ender Story: Chapter 1
I've redone all of the battle formulae, made a few map fixes and all around listed all of the stuff that needs changed/fixing for the programmer and that's his current goal for getting finished. The saving and item banks BOTH work! So once all of this fixing up is finished, we're good to start the sponsor hunt at long last.

Mega Galaxy Force
We've largely been working on pathfinding and such for certain enemy types, but the game itself will be easily finished (at least until the final boss) when that's all taken care of. Progress has been really good, but we don't have a musician for the game yet. I've been talking to somebody I've worked with before, but that'll have to wait until another project we're doing finishes. He seems happy to do it though and his quality is always high.

Land of Enki
This is a new game I've been working on since the last post I made and we've been working at it for just over 4 weeks now and we're about 95% finished. I kid you not. The programmer has been giving my daily updates and we've been hard at it trying to finish it. I'm expecting it to be finished this week, but then we'll spend the next week making refinements, changes, etc. and then we'll be ready to pitch it. I've been working with LloydeSorrow on this one too, he's been doing the music for the game, he's also the Quick Quest musician and he's delivered some great tracks already for this game. I'm going to dedicate a post to Land of Enki in the next couple of days and I'll post some screenshots too soon. I already have some on Twitter if you're curious though!

Sorry again for the long delay between posts. This happens too often, but there's often a semi-decent reason for it. I still do check this page daily.

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