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Yup, I know it's taken quite some time, but it's finally here. The last one came out a year ago and made a little dent in a few Flash game sites and this time around, it's bigger, better and not buggy :P

You can play it here or on Newgrounds. It's the same difference either way, but Newgrounds has the on-site achievements as well as the ones in the game itself.
JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising Newgrounds

It's been a pretty good year for me actually releasing things now. Well, a pretty good month seeing as I've had two within 30 days of each other :P I said that sort of thing would happen, didn't I? There's guaranteed to be a few more games in 2014, Ender Story is at long last making big strides again and Land of Enki 2 is already almost finished. Kind of scary how quickly that game/series has moved compared to others, but it's also not a big RPG so there's that.

Let me know what you think of the game! I know I've not been actively posting and updating on deviantART a lot lately, but I swear, I come on the site basically every day just to see what's happening. I honestly don't know how many people keep an eye on this page so if you do, make sure you comment and that'll give me more reason to post smaller updates as opposed to just the big ones.

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