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Ender Story: Chapter 1 by VoidForce
Ender Story: Chapter 1
I usually upload the games I create to here, but I never actually did with Ender Story Chapter 1 even though it came out nine months ago now. I'm sure most people that view this page don't follow me elsewhere, so I thought it would be nice to put it up anyway. Better late than never, right?

Ender Story: Chapter 1 is the first part (Chapter 2 coming early next year) of an RPG series following the adventures of two knights, Erion and Graden, as they unveil the mysteries of the beings called Enders. Chapter 1 is all about introducing the main characters and showing you what sparks their quest with Chapter 2 picking up shortly after the end of this game and delving straight into the main story.

Your items and quest choices will transfer across to future games so be mindful of what you do and don't get on the wrong side of the wrong people. Although sometimes it may pay off to screw somebody over, perhaps? Don't forget to find the unique items that won't be obtainable in the future and use them to your advantage for as long as possible.
So, it's finally here after four months of development!…

Go check it out, give it a little vote and a review if you have the time. Let me know your thoughts in some way, I'd love to hear them and don't worry if you've got criticisms. It's always important to get feedback on your work :)

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Currently playing Juggernaut II. Really enjoying it so far!
VoidForce Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Thanks very much! Really glad to hear it.

Sorry my reply took so long, I've not had the easiest computer access recently :S
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